Tax Preparation

Since 1987 BDE has been helping businesses and individuals navigate complex tax laws and regulations. We are more than your tax preparer. We are your business partner, and we bring a star lineup of experts in Federal, State, and Local tax law to your team.

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Tax Planning

BDE assists businesses and individuals develop tax strategies to to fulfill their goals. Our tax experts guide our clients through complex and ever changing tax laws and regulations, and design short and long-term strategies to accomplish specific objectives. Our proactive approach works to address problems early, eliminate surprises, and transform potential challenges into opportunities.

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Tax Audit Representation

When the IRS or State agency notifies you of a tax problem, it is good to deal with it right away. It’s even better to have a team of tax experts deal with it. BDE has an Enrolled Agent (EA) who is certified to represent clients with the IRS to resolve the problem proactively.

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Payroll Preparation

BDE allows its business clients to focus on their business, rather than the routine task of payroll preparation and tax compliance.

  • Payroll Tax Deposits
  • Payroll Quarterly Reports
  • Year-end Payroll Reports

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Financial Statement Preparation

Current and accurate financial statements are key to business success and finance. Investors, creditors, and analysts use financial statements to evaluate business performance, so it’s a good idea to have expert assistance.

  • Income Statement
  • Statement Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet

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QuickBooks Training & Support

Quickbooks is a powerful accounting tool that can be leveraged by sole proprietors, small and medium sized businesses. Quickbooks is easy to use, and BDE provides startup training and on going support.

  • Business Setup
  • Training
  • Remote Support